A Place in the Light


In a meadow, somewhere that can’t be reached, The Chicken Keeper rises from his chair. He calls the flock and they run to him, anxious for treats and affection. They’re all there. Out of habit, he counts them to be sure, but there’s nothing that can happen to them here.

Here in the golden lit meadow, they’re safe.
He tosses them some treats and squints in the direction of the sun that never sets. No one needs to sleep anymore…that was something that he needed as a human being, but in the spirit world, the sun shines all the time. The wind is cool over the meadow and the grasses sway in the breeze, the blades constantly whispering together.
He knows she’s dying for him. He often sits with his hands to his forehead and his eyes buried in his hands. If only he could help her, but they’re worlds apart. Something neither of them thought would ever happen. They thought they’d be together forever and now a veil separates them and although he can see her, he can’t make himself present in her world, but it hasn’t been for lack of trying.

His new world is good. It’s full of everything he could ever need and he’s surrounded by love and people every day. He wished for her sake, that she knew that he was okay, but she worries…she cries…she aches for him. He aches for her as well and for a time, he didn’t want to stay in the new world. He didn’t understand, he felt caught and couldn’t settle, but time and those who are with him have taught him the beauty and grace of this new place. He basks in it. He feels good every day, something that was denied to him previously, but he aches for her too.

She can’t understand the unfairness of what has happened and wishes she could join him, but earthly responsibilities keep her from going to her Love. He knows this. He knows everything about her struggle. He knows that she weeps on his pillow every night, he knows she can’t sleep in their bed, he knows she hasn’t touched any of his things. He knows she can’t.

He raises his hand in greeting to another friend in this world and the chickens stir in alarm at his feet. He soothes them with a few words and they resume pecking at the scratch he threw down for them. She loved every one of these chickens that passed from her world and he cares for them in next. It’s all he can do for her. It’s all he can do to keep loving her from this far away place because he can’t touch her, he can’t soothe her torture, he can’t reassure her that she’ll be okay, he can’t stop the constancy of her tears and sorrow. Even now, as he sees her from afar, she is awash in her tears…begging the Universe to send him back to her, willing to give up anything to snuggle her face into the curve of his neck to feel him and to absorb his scent.

The chickens have finished the scratch and wander away a short distance from him to peck and scratch in the fertile ground around him. He sits back in his chair where he will wait for her and try to figure out what he can do from such a far away place.
Meanwhile, she lowers her head to her keyboard and weeps for him.


  1. Betty says:

    That is so well written. I feel your sorrow and pain with every word. But I also feel the comfort you get by writing these stories. You are strong and will get stronger with each passing day. I think of your daily struggles and can only pray they get easier as time passes. Hugs

  2. Lisa says:

    You’e tugging at heartstrings everywhere Chris. This is beautiful. And if there are chickens in heaven, then I’m okay with things.You’re going to be just fine. You ARE just fine.I’m proud to be your friend.

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