Things She Should Have Known

She imagines the golden meadow with the scratching chickens. The Chicken Keeper is leaning forward in his chair with his chin in his hands, just watching her. He can always see her. He always knows what’s going on. Today wasn’t one of her better days.

He tosses more grain to the flock and they scurry through the grass looking for seeds and mealworms with their tails high in the air.

He sighs. Shakes his head and sits up. So much he should have taught her. He’s frankly a little astounded she didn’t know how to fix a flat tire because she could use power tools and build a decent set flat. He watches her…scurrying about, frantic, then angry and then victorious! He just wished she’d calm down a little bit because she’s wearing herself out. He’d like to help more…like sending Chance and Paige, the good people who stopped her on the road today when that tire got too hot…but the rules in this new place don’t exactly work that way. It turns out that humans learn by their struggles…not because someone is always getting them out of trouble.


He watches her from the meadow so far away as she frantically writes at her laptop. He wishes he could soothe her. He wishes he could say all the things he used to say to her that he knew would always get her to relax. She can do this…she just doesn’t know it yet. The things that feel like karmic slaps to her are just part of life, and a lot of it that she never learned, and needs to. He smiles as he remembers how he loved to calm her when she was overwhelmed…


And somewhere else, so very far away, she finds herself smiling too.


  1. Beverly Martin Fritsche says:


    I have been wanting to write you but wasn’t sure how. Last weekend, all of our girls (17) were killed. We think by a dog from the way they were left scattered all over the backyard. We were distraught at the site of it. Then, Sunday night (after taking 2 Ativan) I went to sleep. I dreamt that the girls went to be with the Chicken Keeper. They were talking to one another as they were going through a field of golden wheat. They came upon a meadow where they were met by many other chickens. The ones that were already there assured my girls that they were now safe. It was the most vivid dream I have had. It brought a sense of calmness that they were being taken care of and safe. I catch myself looking for them. I haven’t been on any chicken sites since this happened. I did read through what has been going on with you and Emma. I am glad that some of your days are better than others. I sure hope that you don’t mind me telling you this. I think of you often and wish that things were easier for you. Thanks for listening. Beverly

    • theeggsandi says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your girls! How absolutely heart breaking. I’m glad you told me about your dream…it brings me comfort too.

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