She squints against the bright light. It seems to be everywhere. She slowly stands and realizes that she can. She carefully moves her legs and they hold her. She sneezes in the bright light. A bluebird sings in the distance. It’s otherwise quiet. She shakes her head and licks her lips.
Something has changed.
She begins walking through the soft green grass toward a sound like the murmur of falling water. As she goes, she finds each movement easier, her eyesight seems ultra crisp, everything smells enticing. It’s as though a broken shell has fallen away and she runs freely, disturbing a cloud of tiny white moths as she glides through the grass. She feels unstoppable but she suddenly pulls up short.

Something is different.

She cocks her head to the music of a flowing brook. She’s nearly there it’s just over the hill.

And she sees it…and freezes.

In the distance is a bridge over that melodious running brook. She trots toward the bridge, not because of what she sees on the other side, but for who she sees standing on the bridge.

It’s The Man Who Disappeared.

He calls to her…”Jazzy!!! C’mere Jazz!”

And she bolts over the bridge to jump into his arms.

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