Music In The Meadow

In the evening on Earth, when the light matches the light in the golden lit meadow, he feels the closest to her.


He puts down the guitar he’d been playing and gets up out of his chair. Prince murmurs to the flock. Chicken heads pop up from the grass everywhere, alerted by the rooster. He gets up to walk for a while. Sitting in the chair isn’t bad…in fact, it’s pretty nice. Lots of things are pretty nice up here. The others waiting are awesome people. Right away he found friends and they visit back and forth in the meadow often.

He watches her now. She’s been like a whirlwind today. Running errands, cleaning chick brooders, hauling feed and changing waters, hauling the pen around the yard, bringing the chicks out and then bringing them all back in again, getting groceries, planting things, pulling weeds, walking dogs…he doesn’t remember her ever being this busy…but at the same time, he doesn’t remember her ever being this sad. It makes him mad sometimes. He doesn’t want her to be sad. He gets WHY she’s sad but he’d prefer if this whole grief thing didn’t last as long as it apparently does. He really wants her to be happy again and to believe in herself more than she does right now. He wishes he could be there to support her. She hung on his every compliment.

He sits on the top of a hill with his legs out in front of him and leans back on his hands. He can tell that she’s tired. Not the kind of tired that needs a nap or even a good night’s sleep, but down to the bone tired. There’s so much for her to do. She does it and she rarely bitches about it. He’s proud that she’s taken on so much and is managing to get by.

He knew she could do it.

He watches her again. She’s propped on her arms typing on her laptop. He hopes she’s writing. He wishes she’d finish the damn book, but he’d only just gotten her going on it when his body freed him. He’d hoped that the momentum would continue, but she’s hopelessly stuck at chapter 9, right where he left her. She’ll get there…she just needs to believe she can do it.

She brought his mom an Easter Lily today. It touched his heart and he noticed it touched her heart too. She took eggs to two neighbors, as well. He realizes that she’s finding comfort by doing things for other people.

He sighs and thinks “whatever it takes”.

The Chicken Keeper rises and calls to the flock who have, of course, followed him. It’s time to walk back, it’s just a short distance across the meadow. He’s soon back to his chair and the chickens find places to roost in the trees behind him. The guitar is still there…he picks it up and feels the smooth surface and examines the exquisite construction. And then he positions then guitar…and begins to play.

He hopes she can hear it.

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